More secure with cold end and hot end separation,in combination with CherryWallet cold wallet to broadcast transactions and check balance

Comprehensive support of high-quality assets, including BTC, ETH, BCHC, USDT, EOS and so on

Dynamic market updates, the latest tracking industry information

Boutique application of extreme selection, the necessary entry to the blockchain world

Completely isolated network

Disconnected to the Internet, completely eradicating hackers intrusion

Cold end based trades and signatures

Hot end broadcasting deals

Seed Password+Payment Password

Dual password security management, eradicating asset theft and fraud

Encrypted storage, never touching the network

Security verification, deleted after use

supported wallet

  • CherryWallet

    The ultimate guardian of digital assets

  • BitPay

    PayPal on Bitcoin

  • imtoken

    multi-chain multi-currency, one-stop management; self-sustaining private key, safe and worry-free.

  • Trust Wallet

    Secure Multi Coin Wallet for Android and iOS

  • Token Pocket

    Multi-chain, security and convenience