BitCherry was invited to POW 'ER 2019 global blockchain developer conference

On August 21-22, 2019, "POW `ER 2019 global blockchain developers conference" was held in Beijing. BitCh...


BitCherry distributed network project development has been officially launched

On July 29, 2019, at the global blockchain summit GBIS 2019(Indonesia), Paul, the founder and CEO of Bi...


BitCherry announced a strategic partnership with SCC and WTIA to build a $42 billion smart city

On July 30, 2019, BitCherry, a distributed e-commerce network, announced the signing of a strategic coop...


BitCherry air drops have begun

During August 1~ August 7, join the BitCherry telegram community or invite your friends to the BitCherry...


CherryWallet Cold wallet App was officially launched and pre-sold

CherryWallet, a blockchain digital asset secure storage project, officially launched globally on July 30...

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