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Position: Block Chain technical speaker

Number of vacancies: 1-2

Job scope:

1.Follow up the progress of blockchain technology development, Research and development the project advantage and core value, handling internal for training, handling external for brand promotion.

2. Coordinated operation, event, brand promotion department, involve planning, organization community AMA (live),Participate in industry summits and offline roadshow, can independently introduce the core advantages of the project technology, and also helping the project enhance popularity in the industry.

3. Assist the operation department to maintain the developer community, assist content department to highlight product technology advantages.

4. Handing research work on peer projects, be keenly aware of market and industry development trends and trends, provide training and marketing programs that are more related with today's markets.

Work requirement:

1. Require Bachelor degree or above;

2. Language: able to use Mandarin for daily communication, and able to use English to communication and word skills;

3. Candidates must understand Block Chain, understand public chain technology, preferred candidates having experience and familiar with the Block Chain industry;

4. Familiar with the underlying technology of the Internet, preferred candidates experience in Internet product technology development or system integration.

5. Preferred candidates having good at project publicity and explanation, and having speech and training experience;

Position: Video production/operation(shooting)

Number of vacancies: 1-2

Work content:

1. Planning of the video content : discuss with the team about the different creative ways, think about video content with high performance and high forwarding attributes, and formulate specific plans, including topic selection, planning, copywriting, script writing, etc.;

2. Video content production: including scene selection, shooting, editing, post-production, etc., produce an excellent video into the film in line with which will satisfy the product needs;

3. Video content distribution and promotion: Assist the team in the distribution and promotion of video content in various channels to achieve exposure and increasing the number of fans , track video effect feedback, adjust and optimize video content;

4. Assist the operation department to complete other related work

Job requirements:

1. Age requirements: 20 years old-35 years old;

2. Educational requirements: Bachelor degree or above;

3. Skill requirements: be able to communicate in Mandarin and English;

4. Good at shooting short videos, editing and production; strong aesthetic ability, ability to independently plan and produce short video content, familiar with the use of various related software, such as PR, AE, AU, PS, C4D or edius, etc.;

5. Working experience in the blockchain industry is preferred;

6. Lively and cheerful personality should be engaged in teamwork.

Position: Social Media Specialist

Number of vacancies: 5-10

Work content:

1、Customer service operation:Answer users' questions in Telegram, Instagram, Facebook, Kakao and other communities, collect and summarize user questions, create topics to activate the community, cooperate with the activity group to carry out activities, maintain the community environment, and assist in some translation work.

2、Activity Operation: Responsible for planning online and offline activities to attract, convert and retain users. Be able to analyze users and plan activities to improve conversion rate. Good at taking advantage of community advantages, mobilizing community users, and holding online KOL sharing, AMA, user research and other online activities. Be able to plan and execute activities for special holidays, industry hot spots, company events and industry conferences.

3、Market operation: Develop global market, conduct business negotiations with block chain industries (such as media, community, exchange, large conference resources, etc.) and consumer industries (e-commerce, retail, etc.), promote community and scene business cooperation, promote the project.

4、SNS operation: Responsible for SNS channel copywriting, good at international social platform such as Facebook YouTube Instagram fan growth operation and promotion, and according to the company's product positioning to find suitable celebrities to do video picture soft text promotion, spread brand value.

(any of the above conditions can be met)

Job requirements:

1)Age: 22 -30;

2)Education: college degree or above;

3)Skill requirements: proficient in English work communication, mastering other small languages (such as Russian, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, Indonesian, etc.);

4)Relevant industry experience, familiar with block chain knowledge is preferred;

5)Lively and cheerful personality, Have a strong team spirit.

15-3,Tower B,Ave3 Vertical Suite ,Jalan Kerinchi,Bangsar South ,59200 KUALA LUMPUR

Position: COO assistant

Number of vacancies: 1

Work content:

1. Assisted COO in making work schedule;

2. Assisted COO in handling the company's daily affairs;

3. Assisted COO in business negotiation, reporting and liaison;

4. Assisted COO in drafting, revising and reviewing some documents, sorting out various documents, documents, reports, summaries and other materials;

5. Completing other tasks authorized and assigned by COO.

Job requirements:

1.Age: 22-28;

2. Education requirements: bachelor degree or above;

3. Skills: proficient in English for work communication, good English reading and writing skills; Have a driving license with 2 years or above driving experience;

4. Internet related industry experience is preferred;

5. Accept business travel and overtime arrangements;

6. lively and cheerful personality, focus on team spirit.

Backend Software Engineer


Job requirements

1. Graduated with bachelor or higher degrade in CS/Math/Physics or other related majors;

2. 1-5 years of working experience in the tech industry;

3. Familiar with server side programming language like C/C++/Java/Golang;

4. Familiar with common team collaboration tools, agile practice and code review/testing practices.

Appealing point

1. Strong communication skill and comfortable reading/speaking English;

2. Relevant working experience in blockchain and cryptocurrency;

3. Relevant working experience in digital ads;

4. Familiar with Golang or Javascript.

Frontend Software Engineer


Job responsibilities: 

1. Develop and maintain enterprise level UI system for ATP product;

2. Develop and maintain enterprise level UI system for ATP product.

Job requirements

1. Bachelor degree or above, major in Computer Science/Math/ physicsi preferred;

2. At least 3 years experience in technology industry, at least 2 years experience in front-end development;

3. Strong sense of responsibility, initiative, good communication skills and strong team spirit;

4. Familiar with relative standards of front-end development, responsive design and mobile adaptation;

5. Experience with one or more JavaScript/HTML5/CSS programming framework such as Vue/React, npm, Gulp, Webpack;

6. Familiar with common team collaboration tools, agile practice and code review/testing practices.

Appealing point 

1. Strong communication skill and comfortable reading/speaking English;

2. Relevant working experience in blockchain and cryptocurrency;

3. Relevant working experience in digital ads;

4. Deep understanding and experience in UI and UX.

Operation Manager


Job responsibilities: 

1. Participate in the plan of the overall overseas development strategy of the project, give suggestions from the perspective of operation and formulate targeted overseas operation and development strategies, and be responsible for the overall overseas operation effect of the project;

2. Be responsible for overseas market analysis, product planning, demand investigation, risk management and monitoring;

3. Be responsible for various overseas operation activities, follow up the implementation of activities, check the results of activities, and be responsible for the final results of activities.

Job requirements

1. Graduated with bachelor or higher degree;

2. At least 3 years experience in Internet media or media operations management, more than 1 year experience in blockchain or well-known companies;

3. Successful experience in Internet operations with large-scale users increasing and able to transform company`s strategic goals into specific activity operations plans;

4. Expert in English (both written and oral);

5. Rich media resources and blockchain media resources is preferred, able to utilize media resources to enhance the brand awareness of Atlas Protocol;

6. Familiar with the construction and communication mechanism of various community platforms, familiar with the community operation environment and communication technology, be​ able to use the latest network communication technology to improve the quality  of communication; 

7. Be able to work with English, overseas study experience is preferred;

8. Nice personality, good negotiation and communication skills, full of enthusiasm, responsibility, team working spirit and creativity, equip with anti-pressure ability.

Operational intern



English/Japanese/Korean/Indonesian/Spanish/Portuguese-speaking interns are welcome.